Maintenance is a fundamental part of caring for a pool, the materials and the people who use it.

General maintenance

A general maintenance of one to two times per week is recommended depending on the frequency of use and in public pools of three maintenance per week onwards.

Filter Cleaning

Cleaning filters in a pool is essential to prevent the accumulation of scale, bacteria or green water, allowing you to enjoy balanced and crystal clear water.

Corrective maintenance

For corrective treatment, the first step is to detect the problem, be it inadequate chemical levels, presence of algae, among other problems that arise due to lack of maintenance. Once the problem is detected, corrective treatment is applied through disinfection, clarifying agents and algaecides. returning the water to ideal conditions.

Tartar Cleaning

Tartar is generated by all users who use the pool by generating organic matter that over time transforms into fungi, parasites and bacteria adhering to the walls of the pool causing changes in the color of the water and deterioration of the coating.